How To Earn Money on Youtube For Beginners 2021

How To Earn Money on Youtube

Hi dear, today I am described how to Earn Money on Youtube. It is very difficult to earn money on youtube but if you know the right way it is very simple and easy. Many people want to earn money online and they try to fail.


In this article, I will share how to Earn Money on Youtube, which is 100% get paid and handsome amount. So let’s start…

Youtube is the 2nd largest social platform in the world. There have 1 million active people on this platform. Every month this largest site pays 20 billion dollars. Are you serious to earn money on this platform? If u serious to earn money online on youtube just follow this step.

How to create a youtube channel

If you earn money on youtube your first step is to create or open a youtube channel. First of all, you need a Gmail account, if u don’t know how to open a Gmail account please read this article. Create a Google Account

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform. It’s created by Google. It was established in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Youtube is the second most visited social website in the world.This company CEO is  Susan Wojcicki. Read More: How to success Fiverr Marketplace

Follow the instructions step by Step

1) first sign in to your YouTube on your mobile device or computer and click on the user icon ( top right corner of the screen)

2) go to youtube settings

3) Click on Create a new Channel Button

4) Select a business or other Name

5) Select your Brand Name and click create

Now you are almost finished creating on the youtube channel.

How can you earn money on youtube

Customize Your Youtube Channel

At first, create eye-catching youtube channel art. If you don’t know how to create eye-catching youtube channel art please Click Here. Then make a creative logo for your youtube channel. After all, customize the settings option of your youtube channel and ready to Video upload for your youtube channel.

Now find out how to like you do so much. fishing, gardening, teaching, food making, or traveling, etc. Select A niche that is your favorite. Then make a Video and upload your youtube channel.

Terms of Condition to Earn money on youtube

Youtube recommend when your channel is gain 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber then your channel is ready to monetization to earn money on youtube. Please follow the Rules otherwise your channel is not eligible for youtube monetization partner program policies.

  •  Make your own Video
  •  Don’t upload other’s creator Video
  • Make Add Friendly Video

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